Domain Name Registration Default Settings

Default Settings for Customers

Under Default Settings you may set your Default Name Servers and Default Contact Ids to ease the domain name purchase process. The system will prefill these Default Name Servers and Default Contact Ids for you every time you register/transfer a domain name. You will, however, be able choose different Contacts and Name Servers each time, should you prefer to select some other details.

To Set Default Settings

  1. Login to your Customer Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, point to Settings -> Domain Specific and click Default Information.

  3. Here you may specify:

    • Upto 4 Default Name Servers, and/or

    • Default Contacts Ids

    Contact Types 


    You may select different types of Contacts from the Contact Type drop-down menu:

    • General Contact: Can be used for domain names such as .COM, .NET, etc.. Default Contact can be set for Registrant, Admin, Technical and Billing Contacts.

  4. You need to click the Edit link next to each Default Contact Id. A new window will open listing all the Contacts created by you for that specific Contact type (as listed above).

    Contact Search 


    You may also search for a Contact by providing the Name of the Contact in the textbox and clicking the Search button. The Advance Search option allows you to search for a Contact by mentioning the:

    • Contact Id

    • Contact Name

    • Company Name

    • Contact Status

    • Contact Creation Date

    Now, to select a particular Contact as the Default Contact, click the Contact Id link for that Contact. The selected Contact will now be displayed as the Default Contact.


    Contacts containing invalid information, such as invalid ZIP or country calling codes, can not be set as the default contact.


It is recommended that you mention at least 2 Name Servers here.

Additional Information

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